The Hype Phoenix

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We recently had the pleasure of having "The Hype" perform at our daughter's wedding reception.  They were terrific!  Bud and the whole crew were fun, friendly, and their performance was awesome.  It certainly was a thrill for all of our family and friends.  We very much appreciated the kindness and generosity all of the band showed us.


If you are considering a band for a function including a wedding reception, we would strongly recommend choosing "The Hype".  They were a blast, and our guests thoroughly enjoyed their choice of music and their performance.

Sincerely, Barbara and John Raines

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You guys are the best - what a great time - your Music and interaction with the guests was excellent,

Mike Heppler

You guys are AMAZING! I totally enjoyed the music and entertainment! Excellent Cinco de Mayo! Looking forward to seeing you perform again!

Kathy Monzingo